ABOUT US- a very brief history

Arthouse is a family owned business in the heart of Surbiton, originally established under the name "The Frame Shop" nearly 25 years ago and is fortunate to have a very loyal client base.

Our staff and framing department have over 70 years experience in framing and the art business.

We pride ourselves in helping you achieve the look you want, whether that be a small family photo or the refurbishment of your 10 story offices.

  • Adrian  believes he's in charge and as long as you pander to his occasional outbursts he'll leave you alone. We like to get him out of the gallery and talking to clients; then he behaves himself and occasionally lands a nice contract.
  • Darrel  manages the gallery and brings a creative new dimension to the displays. Using his experience and flair, his framing suggestions always inspire our clients.
  • Gillian  has an uncanny knack of putting herself in the customer's shoes and her matter of fact approach to marketing helps to keep everyone in check. Even though she only works part-time, her contributions make everyone believe she actually puts in a full week.
  • Andy  is head of production and is in the workshop 24/7. His ability to take an old crumpled sports shirt and transform it into a beautifully framed masterpiece is legendary. Nothing escapes his watchful eye giving Arthouse's clients the knowledge that they can trust us with their valuable artworks.
  • Alex  is in charge of frames and with many years experience in stock control and picture framing, he ensures that we always have sufficient stock to complete our framing orders. Some say he can read the future as he has an uncanny knack of ordering the right stock just before a need arises. Together with Andy, Alex manages to keep production on track and the framing orders completed on time.
  • Dave  has a placid temperament which means that he gets the jobs that nobody else wants to do and he doesn't complain. He is also an artist and so he knows only too well the need to get the framing accurate.